A sweet acquisition

Optima, a well-established company in the sweets business with its Mec3 and Modecor brands, is further expanding its high quality range of products with the acquisition of Giuso Guido, a historic company specialized in the production of ingredients for gelato and pastry.
Founded in 1919 in a small artisanal workshop, today Giuso is one of the leading companies in the production of compound and semi-finished ingredients, with over 600 products in its catalog and 35 countries served around the world.
This is a financial operation with a marked strategic intent.
In fact, Giuso’s products complement both Mec3’s ingredients for gelato and those of Modecor, specialized in the production of confectionery decorations, acquired in 2017.
With this acquisition Optima completes its product range with a balanced mix of tradition and innovation, seeking to become an international point of reference for excellence Made in Italy.
Founded in 1984 by Giordano Emendatori, last year Optima entered Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP, one of the leading private equity companies in Europe.
Its 2017 turnover exceeded 110 million euros.

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